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Life Coaching, Transformational Healing, Mentoring, Corporate Mentoring & Hypnotherapy Clinic Offering Affordable Hypnosis Tapes

When you have tried everything else to succeed and still failed, Dr. Penachio is your answer. The Institute of Clinical Trichotomy (ICT), offers by phone and in person: Life Coaching, Transformational Healing, Mentoring, Corporate Mentoring, Hypnotherapy, Mindful Meditation, Neuroscience and many other services. Our clinic has been in business for more than 41 years, helping people all across the nation with everything from stuttering to insomnia.

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About Our Executive Director

Rev. Dr. Anthony J. Penachio Jr. is executive director of ICT, his outreach healing ministry. He is a certified and registered behavioral researcher, therapist, clinical hypnotherapist and hypnoanalyst, counseling center minister, and diplomat for the American Psychotherapy Association™. Penachio specializes in anxiety, depression, phobias, medical hypnosis, relationships, stop smoking and sports health.

Worldwide Fame

Around the globe, Penachio is known for devising four new kinds of therapy, each of which is currently in use by successful hypnotherapists. In addition to selling audio and video tapes worldwide, Penachio shares his expertise in numerous ways. He gives private, individual sessions over the phone. He is also a speaker, teacher, researcher, author, and lecturer.

Rev. Dr. Anthony J. Penachio Jr.

An Experienced Speaker

Penachio has a local phone-in talk show and has appeared on many local radio and TV talk shows. He is the regional media spokesperson for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners™. In 1983, he became a nominated, elected, and lecturing member of The New York Academy of Science™.

Awards & Recognitions

Throughout the years, Rev. Dr. Anthony J. Penachio Jr. has been awarded and recognized with many different honors. In particular, the International Book of Honor named him among twenty-five of the most significant people from all fields worldwide in the 1991 and 1992 edition for his advances in medical hypnotherapy in psychiatry. He has also been noted in eleven different Who’s Who books. In addition, he has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the 2017 Marquis Who's Who.

About Penachio Himself

Rev. Dr. Anthony J. Penachio Jr. has clients around the globe. He began his education in the Navy and served a one-year tour of duty in North Vietnam. He still works with the government on special projects related to his field.

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